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November 17, 2008


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Alexandra Kitty

So Joey Skaggs! But scamming the press is not a hard thing to do, especially if the hoax is something they want to hear and if the hoaxer can make himself seem like an authority figure or expert. If you understand the mindset of the journalist and his outfit, and you can manage your optics just right, there really isn't anything you could not pass as the truth.

This reminds me of the Negativland hoax -- the band had claimed a certain FBI agent was on their tail -- now you would think at the very least a journalist would call up the Bureau and ask to speak with the agent or ask whether he exists, but it never happened.

And that hasn't changed, even in the Internet Age -- hoaxes can be exposed faster, but just because someone is given the right tools doesn't mean they will actually use them.

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