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November 27, 2008


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Ton Zijlstra

This being the same Keith Bakker that only in July 2007 claimed game addiction was the biggest current threat for young people "as everyone now owns a computer, and we know 20% of the population is vulnerable to addictions, so you do the math" (link in Dutch: http://www.dag.nl/Nieuws/Artikelpagina-Nieuws.htm?contentid=20579), a statement coinciding with adding a new game addiction programme to his private clinic. Maybe it wasn't as big a commercial success as he thought. This guy is somewhat of a joke in the Netherlands. But to be fair, in the linked article he did also mention seeing a lot of his patients turning to gaming as a means of escape. Where he turned it into a independent form of addiction last year, he now apparantly sees it as what it probably is: a symptom.

Anyway, can I go back to WoW now before my hands start trembling? ;)

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