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December 27, 2008


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Greg Scranton

What would happen if somehow the car itself became fat!? Reminds me of the work of Erwin Wurm, more specifically his sculpture fat car. Some weird stuff as usual, thanks Bryan.

Bryan Alexander

It's a market opportunity, Greg - thin cars. Cars designed to *burn off* fat, and *look svelte*. Then the plugin appears: suction off your own fat to feed your car. Ideal. A dream, plus a business model.

Then crime appears - sneaking next door to steal someone else's carfat.

Ed Webb

And of course, the aliens made of human fat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MTFcfGTGyc&NR=1

Greg Scranton

Ed that was disturbing/hilarious!

Bryan Alexander

But that was so sweet - the pudgy widdle babies waving happily, the victims surviving, and the villain punished. See, that's the romance of fat horror.


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