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January 30, 2009


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Stephen Downes

I *really* didn't need to see that picture.

Unsubscribing. I can't risk that again.


From the linked article: "suspended into the ice like a porpoising walrus" seems an awful long way to go for a metaphor. Are porpoising walruses frequently suspended in ice?


And I remember where I'd heard of Detroit's Roosevelt Warehouse before: From this urban exploration photoessay linked (on Metafilter? Monkeyfilter? Boing-Boing? I forget) some years ago.

By the way, cops unable to find a corpse frozen in ice is nothing. On my old (now defunct) blog M Valdemar some years ago, I had a few choice words about the Cincinnati Police Department's inability to find a mangled corpse on the side of a major interstate highway for nine hours. (Unfortunately, the original article is now 404'd.)

In a paranoid Gothic twist, that post showed a record 15 hits from the same domain: The Cincinnati Police Department.

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