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February 26, 2009


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Steve Himmer

But without social networking sites, what will keep our children from listening to jazz music after dark?

Steve B

The Mind Hacks blog covered this topic as well in this post wherein "[Greenfield] admits there is no evidence but then goes on to warn of the dangers". Umm, what?
The last link in the Mind Hacks blog post is to Ben Goldacre's post on his blog Bad Science where he provides the references he promised in the BBC video interview (available from links in both blog posts).

Ed Webb

TV is the new family dinner-time, and the interwebs the new TV? McLuhan is giggling, somewhere.

Also, more techno-fear on my blog - http://the-ed-rush.blogspot.com/2009/02/daily-mail-shines-once-more.html

Charles Cameron (hipbone)

Ah, Bryan, Bryan.

> with "vast wasteland" being reconceived as hearth

Nicely turned, that phrase...


'short attention spans' & 'sensationalism'; it has already happened, m'Lady. Sorry.

When I was in college, a couple of (successful) guys told me the reason that I had not yet gotten laid was that I was attempting to have meaningful conversations with girls. 'That scares them away', these guys said... 'Say only what they expect to hear, and bounce their words back at them. Reveal nothing of yourself'. Worked like a charm.

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