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March 08, 2009


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Steve B

Wow, and I thought the frothingly negative "think of the children" review I read was badly-written. Enough of that.


I wanted to share a review written by a man deeply involved with comics for his professional life: Todd Klein, known primarily for his work as a letterer in comics (including Sandman, other Neil Gaiman works, and Alan Moore's _Promethea_) posted his no-spoilers review of the film in a note-perfect Rorschach style:

Klein’s journal. March 7, 2009. Major film of greatest graphic story ever created just opened. Based on work of two good friends. One completely opposed. One supportive, enthusiastic. No gray area. Troubling. Needed to judge for self.

Klein's Journal: WATCHMEN

The last two paragraphs of Klein's review: I agree with him and he says it better than I did in my review I posted yesterday.

Jesse Walker

Don't forget this passage:

You want to hear Moore’s attempt at urban jeremiad? “This awful city, it screams like an abattoir full of retarded children.” That line from the book may be meant as a punky retread of James Ellroy, but it sounds to me like a writer trying much, much too hard; either way, it makes it directly into the movie, as one of Rorschach’s voice-overs.

So Lane is incapable of distinguishing the author's voice from a character's voice -- in this case, if I recall correctly, a character writing in his diary. Very lazy.

Account Deleted

I think Lane needs to go and watch Ratatoille again...

Bryan Alexander

@Steve B, do you have a link to that ""think of the children" review"? Might be interesting to compare.
I like Todd Klein's piece.

That's right, @Jesse, it's from Rorschach's journal. One would think reviewers are trained to spot unreliable narrators.

I still need to see it, @Randy!

Steve B

Because you asked, here's the review I characterized as "think of the children":

The Watchmen Lie: Hollywood Sends More Depravity Your Kids' Way Costumed as Superhero Flick

Bryan Alexander

Whoa, Steve, that's awful! Thank you.

moviesplanet on facebook

The Watchmen movie was ok type. I saw the trailers of this movie and really impressed. And when i watched this movie. It really disappoint me. It was ridiculous movie.

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