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May 01, 2009


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By "add some more content," I take it you mean things like Google maps, Wikipedia links, photos, essays, plus whatever else we find on the web? Basically a communal annotated Dracula?

I'll volunteer. Real email embedded below; let me know what I need to do.

(I commented on Dracula Blogged 1.0 as M Valdemar, before I got too busy to keep up with it. But that was before RSS. I was the guy who found the photo essay on an actual British asylum built in the 1890s about 30 miles northeast of London, right where Stoker said Seward's hospital was.)

peter naegele

Let me know what I can do!

Drac's back!

Bryan Alexander

That's the stuff, HP. Anything you can share would be great.

Same goes for you, kind peter.

Steve B

I'll think about how I can help. If there's anything you think of before me, let me know.

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