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June 26, 2009


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I'm too old to be Gothic in the usual walking-around-the-mall-dressed-in-black sense, and old enough that I remember Michael Jackson mostly from A-B-C, rather than Thriller.

I don't think I ever associated him with the Gothic esthetic. (As far as Thriller goes, the credit belongs to Quincy Jones and John Landis. Jackson's personal life, however, is his and his alone. As fucked up as it was, though, it lacked the gravitas of true gothic -- more Tobe Hooper than Jean Rollin.)

On the other hand, if there were an author qualified to deal with the dark side of growing up in the ghetto of Gary, Indiana with a fucked-up father, I'm sure someone could manage a helluva story using Michael as a model.

I don't think Mark Harris has given his views on Michael Jackson's death yet (someone let me know if I'm wrong), but that's who I'd turn to for a summation of the gothic impact of MJ.


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