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July 21, 2009


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I was just reading another astronomy blog which described the as-yet-unidentified object as "Wesley's Object," and called it a "continent killer" (suitably Gothic, I think, for Infocult).

To my eternal shame, I suggested that we should rename it "Wesley's Crusher."


I should probably mention that Steinn's post that I linked above ties in "Wesley's Crusher" (that's my name and I'm sticking with it) with Fortean favorite the Tunguska Blast, and runs down some ominous algebra on the latest estimates for how often planets are struck from outer space by massively destructive objects. Wesley's Crusher may mean that we've underestimated the threat by a couple orders of magnitude.

Bryan Alexander

Continent-killer is about right, and perfectly Gothic. Continent-drowner, if the thing hits water, which is more likely on our world.

Would another term for such objects be "Wesleyan"? Are we talking about... Methodist space death?

"Wesley's Crusher." Your shame shall indeed be eternal, poor HP.


Another view of the collision, in infrared: http://www.gemini.edu/node/11300

Bryan Alexander

Oh, very nice. Thanks, @pumpkin.

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