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August 16, 2009


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Andy Havens

His math is stupid. 30,000 guillotines into a half million caskets is like, what? 16 or 17 executions per guillotine? That's insanely low. The whole point of the guillotine, as opposed to other, more complex methods of execution, is that it's fast and efficient. You use a guillotine when you want to do 16 or 17 dissenters *per hour* not in grand total. Dumb-ass.

Also, the idea that we'd use caskets at all for enemies of the state is ridonkulous. Caskets are for the beloved dead, whom we hope, eventually, to rise on That Great Day. We bury them respectfully. Enemies of the Republic deserve only a mass grave and a shovelful of lime. Put 'em in a casket and it's too easy to dig 'em up and do an autopsy. Which would also be redundant... if they'd been beheaded.

Gadz. I don't mind crazy or stupid. But both? Please. Come up with a better conspiracy theory. You know, one where the president of the united states and much of his cabinet and many top advisers are members of a secret, religious cabal who want to push the world towards Armageddon. That's at least mildly believable.

peter naegele

Obama is also the anti-christ:

I mean, I despise this administration as much as the last, but the anti-christ? What are we, in 6th grade?

Bryan Alexander

Devastating critique, gentlemen. @Andy Havens, I wonder if they have in mind mobile guillotine units, or supplemental noyafes.

@peter naegele, we covered the anti-christ in 5th grade. Ah, public schools...

Jesse Walker

Back in the day, Gunderson was a big promoter of the Satanic ritual abuse scare, which he tied in to all sorts of conspiracies including, naturally, the Illuminati.

Bryan Alexander

What a great lineage, Jesse. The conspiracy continues... of course.

Douglas Lear

Only in whispers of our dreams can we forge the truth of what is real and yet to come. If you think you have a window into this, please share. My Education seems to be taking a break when I read such crap... my religion takes the same insult to. We need to focus on truth if it is the end of time not try to sell color to a blind man. Just think how many people with ignorance in their eyes are lead down wrong paths. If you read the bible and continue to rage conspiracy wars just remember in some ways you have already taken the mark of the beast.

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