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September 01, 2009


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Dave Cushing

Even before the '67 riots the century-old mansions & lesser dwellings were naturally decaying. July 21st 1967 race relations were lauded as among the best in the country! Every white boy except Ted Nugent realized one was part black, and a liberal in race relations. What's Gothic about Detroit is that it suddenly became haunted, "the shunned house", of murders & Martial Law, by Sunday July 30th 1967. Neat Gothic prehistory of Detroit: the Afghani Wallace Fard's "Secret Rituals of the Nation of Islam" was implicated in a Nov. 1932 ritual murder, & he was run out of town.


17% is for the Detroit-Warren-Livonia "metropolitan area". City of Detroit unemployment is nearly 29%, per this Detroit Free Press article.

Steven Kaye

I refuse to believe it's truly Gothic until there are Nain Rouge sightings.

Bryan Alexander

Good points, @Dave Cushing. But that historical reach is crucial for Gothic spaces. Think of castles, abandoned forts in the European tradition; empty houses in the speedy American one.
Got sources for the Fard story?

Sadly all too true, @Tanya. Again, while the country hits recession, Detroit does depression.

That's a call to action, @Steven Kaye.
(And I misread it twice: first as "Jain Rouge", which is very wrong; then as "River Rouge", which is very right).

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