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September 28, 2009


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Laura (geekymom)

I saw that article and it bugged me. I've been thinking about game addiction, internet addiction, addiction in general lately. It seems to me that we label anything done to excess as addiction. I'm on the computer all the time; it's my work, but because that's seen as productive, it's not called addicting, even though there are such things as workaholics.

That said, and I'm not sure where I am on this yet, I do think that things can be done to excess in a way that isn't health. The problem is deciding what's excessive. My 2 hours/day of gaming? 2 hours/day of tv seems acceptable to most people? I spent about 4 hours today reading instead of doing housework, excessive? I know that 8 hours of gaming is too much for my son. And I'd like it to be less than 2 hours/day because I'd like him to explore other things, to be outside, to read, etc. Gaming, for both of us, is a social outlet. We connect with people, share our days, etc. I also wonder if gaming & Facebook, etc. are seen as obsessive activities because they're replacing face-to-face socializing, which kids used to spend hours doing--talking on the phone, hanging at the mall or the pizza parlor, but because the Internet mediates it, there's something wrong with it. I know dana boyd argues something like that.

I guess, though, if you flunk out of school and neglect your relationships whether it's because you're gaming or working out obsessively, that's a problem.

Andy Havens

Note: for $24,000 you can come live with me for TWO WHOLE MONTHS and not play games. You'll have to watch me, my wife and my kid play them, but that's only fair, as you're the dirty addict and we're just enjoying harmless recreation.

Food will be extra. Unless you go get it, in which case we'll probably pay. We're big like that.

We don't smoke, but we do have a somewhat smelly basset hound. Who also plays Xbox.

Bryan Alexander

Andy, that's hilarious. You need to set out some pages for this, with PayPal fired up and ready.

Spot *on*, Laura. It's not about addiction, but about (a perception of) excess, and the mediation of internet.

I'm convinced that applying the internet addiction methodology to my reading habits as a kid would have ended up with me at a reading-free camp.


By gods, we need to start one of these! Why we could get everyone over their whole technology addiction by putting them in our goat shed!

Joe Murphy

24 grand for a family home, chores, and no computer or TV? Don't tell my dad, he's going to say I owe him about 100 large!

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