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September 21, 2009


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I couldn't have been more than five or six years old when I first saw the infamous pilot episode ("The Cemetery") of Night Gallery, with Roddy MacDowell and the inimitable Ossie Davis.

I am sure that there are older stories that feature a painting that changes overnight (sounds like a challenge for Infocult readers), but that show will always be the ur-text for me against which others are compared.

Bryan Alexander

What leaps first to my mind, HP: MR James, "The Mezzotint." And Dorian Gray.

Steve B

Bryan, the artist John Coulthart (much Lovecraftian, you have probably seen some of his work) has done several blog posts on the various Dorian Gray film adaptations over at Feuilleton.

(Seems to be down right now, hopefully to be fixed soon.)

Bryan Alexander

I very much like Coulthart, @Steve_B.

Robyn Lynn Miller

this painting is freaky and scary when i tried to copy the painting it ate my paper and it's freaking scary cause it's a haunted painting i wouldnt buy that thing well im only fourteen and im curious about finding out about how the painting became haunted is the boy in it used to be a real life little boy and the female doll was guiding him through its just creepy and weird i dont get this painting its ugly too who ever made it is weird van gogh is more my style or leonardo davinci i love art but not this kind im just curious how its haunted please tell me im really confused this is a weird painting and kinda scary it creeps me out

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