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November 11, 2009


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Very interesting. Perhaps the camera put into sharp focus (pun intended) humans' ability to be cruel to one another. Had there been no camera, would he have even remembered the fight scene? I certainly remember a similar fight that no one broke up and we had no "cameras" recording the event. Weren't a lot of tools created early on in order to do harm to one another?

Bryan Alexander

And yet when we behold a new technology, we naturalize the older ones, removing their auras of danger. So it's the camera which gets the attention here.

I wonder if writing would have worked in a similar way, at least for memory.

Laura (geekymom)

Yes, wasn't Plato afraid of writing ruining education because no one would memorize anything anymore? I also wonder if the meme of technology is fearful has made it so that there is no technology that becomes naturalized.

Bryan Alexander

It might be a layering process over time. For instance, I can't tell you how many times people who love their cars have complained to me about too much technology. They've de-technologized their imagination of cars.

Or think of folks who want to get away from technology and get back to the land... but want to keep their radios and electrical power, or don't think of metal shovels as technology.

Step by step, perhaps, we push older technologies into the natural background.

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