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February 21, 2010


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Andy Havens

My biggest concern about this story is that people this dumb are in charge of an educational program. What part of "spying on our kids through notebook cameras without getting prior permission" seemed like a good idea to the administration? Evil is one thing... sure, I oppose evil. But this is just dumb-to-the-dumb power.

Steve B

"The laptops themselves aren't attracting a lot of fear attention. Are they all Macs?"

I presume so, from the following line in this article:


"Lower Merion, an affluent district in Philadelphia's suburbs, issues Apple laptops to all 2,300 students at its two high schools."

Bryan Alexander

I wish I knew, @Andy. I can imagine all kinds of reasons, but there isn't enough information out there (yet) about the players.

I wonder, @Steve_B, how the coverage would have played differently if they'd been Windows machines. "Ah, typical Redmond!"

Ernesto Reyes

I hope this issue will be resolved the soonest. An implementation of this spycams is useful but at some point may be intrusive to others.


spying may be good for movies but not personally! its against human right.
simple as that.

Tech Blog

I just wondered after reading this.!! Great Job!! :)

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