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May 02, 2010


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Andrea A. Phillips

Wow, that is intense. And yet you still won't be in New York at all, boo. ^_^

Happy trails all the same!


I'll be looking for bodies in every city


Looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim.


Interesting data, Dr Nemo. Following the arc of your locations, I predict more travel to northern Siberia and Tahiti. I'd recommend the latter, perhaps a bit less Gothic but more relaxing.

But I'm more excited since I get to cross your travel path twice. Where do I get my Summer of InfoCult Tour t-shirt?

Bryan Alexander

I rarely get to NYC, which is weird, Andrea.

You won't find them, Jim. At least, not the ones you... expect.

That will be keen, Gardner.

Siberia is somewhere I'd love to explore, citizen Cogdog. Relaxing would be good. So would a t-shift - will see about that.

Ed Webb

The tour shirt should be something suitably Warrenellisian - not quite "Bryan Alexander put his disease in me"; perhaps "Bryan Alexander visited my home town and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and a cryptococcus infection"

Looks like I only get one dose.

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