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May 31, 2010


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Steve B

Good links in the metafilter post on Santa Muerte last month, too.


Charles Cameron

Hi Bryan:

Thanks for this -- I've been following this story for some while, noted the recent posts on Small Wars Journal and Zenpundit, and am still hoping to write something up of my own. Your link to the "The Death Cult of the Drug Lords" analysis is particularly helpful.

From the POV of the "gothic" qualities of the story, I found the police photo of the Santa Muerte related narco-killer Gabriel Cardona particularly noteworthy -- his closed eyelids tattooed with an image of "eyes wide open" is pretty eerie, in an "uncanny valley" sort of way.


I'll let you know if/when I have a more detailed write-up of my own.

Charles Cameron

Sadly, your blog format doesn't allow "A HREF" tags for URLs, and (at least on my browser) cut off the URL I posted where it exceeded the standard line length.

For the sake of those who would like to see the mysterious eyelid tattoo, which really is worth the effort IMO, the part of the URL after "articles/1/" should read:


Bryan Alexander

Agreed, Steve_B.

Good stuff, Charles!
This tinyURL should set you straight:

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