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July 12, 2010


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I will email you the PDF (it's only a little over 2 pages long).

Other possibly-interesting articles from the same issue:

Murder: the importance of the structural and cultural conditions of society

Blood or needle phobia as a defence under the Road Traffic Act 1988

Fatal methamphetamine poisoning in police custody

Assessment of alleged rape victims: an unrewarding exercise (this one actually just makes me cringe - maybe the worst scholarly article title ever)

And, naturally

Suspicious death scene investigation

Bryan Alexander

That's quite a themed issue.

PS: many thanks for the pdf!

Sinries Gos Laborales Website

I remember. I was not looking my best that day. I was wearing my most disgusting jeans and sweatshirt ensemble. My hair was scraped back in a rubber band and I was running around like a dervish, chasing Neil and Mel, trying to grab them to have a bath.

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