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August 27, 2010


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Ed Webb

Surely it is simply Shelley's Creature, dogging its creator's steps in search of love, approval, basic human contact. We made it, but now decided we don't want it.

BTW, Chrome doesn't seem to like your comment form. No wonder CogDog broke up with it.

Bryan Alexander

Frankenstein's creature had yellow eyes. But yes, we're still dealing with that greatest story of modernity.

What does Chrome do to yours? It's working fine even as I type this.

Michael Griffin

For a while, Comcast's TV Guide channel showed listings with a pair of wild staring eyes above them. Every time we turned to that channel, I said, "Do you ever feel like the TV is watching you?"

Bryan Alexander

That's odd, Michael. What was Comcast thinking? Just surprising viewers with unusual content, I suppose. Or simply *terror*!

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