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August 26, 2010


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Andy Havens

I've got the blog in my Google Reader RSS feed. so... here?


Ditto to what Andy said. In second place, I don't use Twitter at all, so would prefer FB.

Amanda Lee

I too follow the blog on my Google Reader RSS feed. I do keep an eye out for infocultish items on FB and other areas of the net, but don't use twitter (though I follow the twitter feed via Google Buzz).

Steve B

Primary: I have the RSS feed syndicated through LiveJournal.
Secondary: Twitter.
Not: Facebook.

peter naegele

RSS and BookFace....I still send you stuff 1990's style, however. I try not to post things on your FB page.


RSS and Twitter. I avoid Facebook except to laugh at former hs classmates who've gone a little off their rockers.

Bryan Alexander

peter, I appreciate your using Skullbook to point to Infocult. Already four comments attached themselves to your vinyl-death note.
I'm delighted that anybody does this kind of thing.

Many thanks for your feedback Andy, Alison, Amanda, Steve B, cruel Laura.

Jim Groom

You live in my RSS feed and my heart. But I do spend more time in Twitter than Facebook. Wouldn't mind seeing your posts either place quite frankly.


I primarily get you through RSS. Twitter is secondary, Facebook not at all since I've abandoned it over ethical concerns.

Ted Major

RSS feed and twitter--I'm not on facebook.

Bryan Alexander

I feel your heart all around me, Jim. It's curiously comforting.

Thank you, Andrew and Ted.

Overall, Twitter seems to be a little ahead.

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