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August 18, 2010


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Andy Havens

It would be interesting to see a "Total Terror" index for these movies; that is, a rating of how scary/disturbing they are, multiplied by how many people saw the film. There are some really artsy, low-distro films on this list, and some blockbusters. I mean, more people have probably been scared by "The Exorcist" than "Human Centipede" by several orders of magnitude.

There is a trick to mainstream scarifying that requires a certain interesting balance....

Bryan Alexander

That's a keen idea, Andy. Would make for a fun research project.

Steve B

I watched Salo last week for the first time, so I can vouch for that one's presence on such a list as valid.

Bryan Alexander

Agreed, Steve B. I try to raise it in discussions of turning books into movies, but people just give me That Look, or That Other Look.

Steve B

I checked Netflix and 23 of 25 are currently available through Netflix: the two absences are
13) Nekromantik - Buttgereit, 1987 (although they have Nekromantik 2), and
2) Threads - Jackson, 1984.

If I think about it I might make a custom list on Netflix of the 23.

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