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September 28, 2010


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Awesome Bryan!! Really look forward to seeing it.

Dr. phil. Nell

Wow, that's like so boring! You should get out of academia before it eats your brain. It all sounds so naively ahistorical, and the casual reader (I) can't help thinking that's what it probably is, seeing as how you probably lack institutional authorization to think about anything else. I mean, even supposing you read Hellenic picaresque novels and Carlyle and regularly augment the reality of birdwatching with Audubon Society -2.0 field guides, if you're not allowed to say so at conferences before midnight or without a drink in your hand because you've got the wrong degree, you might as well be one of those theory-raver digital creationists with cotton candy in/on their heads. Can't you see you're being oppressed? (In digital creationism [I just made it up] the world is 40 years old, Mosaic was the flood, what came after is firsthand knowledge [the only kind admissible], what came before is fossils -)


Correction: The Web is the ark.

Bryan Alexander

Thanks, Laura.

Very entertaining, Dr. Phil. Nell! You're full of many stories.

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