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January 31, 2011


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a) The odds are good that we'll get a Farmville-playing violent offender one of these days. Can't wait.
b) I noted in some other article I read recently that the author mentioned the AZ shooter's MySpace page and updates. Quite the graveyard of misfits there still, if MSM is to be believed.
c) Geeky forum participants, unable to stop watching and commenting on a train wreck of an individual, with or without misguided (or not) attempts at help? Say it ain't so.

Rolin Moe

This is exactly what Bonnie Nardi talks about in her recent book about WoW. She devotes a chapter to addiction, and in it she sees that the vast majority of people who are having problems in RL (real life) are supported by their online peers and guild mates, encouraged to take care of things at home, and in some cases even offered RL support. Those stories just don't make for good front page news.

Bryan Alexander

Good points, Ladi. I'll keep an eye out for Farmville rage.

True, Rolin. Can't wait to get to her book.

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