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January 29, 2011


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Jennifer Salisbury

I have to chuckle about maintaining a "polite" distance from the internet. Is there such a thing? It is like walking by a computer or cell phone, and looking at it, but not touching it. In this day in age, it doesn't seem to happen that way. Inevitably, our curiosity gets the better of us. How can we keep up?

I can agree that a TV is a passive force, except we have the will power to change the channel, turn our heads, mute the station, or (God forbid) turn it off. But the internet seems to feed our insatiable thirst for more knowledge, information, and/or gossip. Finding out our friend's Facebook status, the weather next week, buying a book online, or taking a course, the internet is quickly becoming a literal one-stop-shop. It is like a choose-your-own-adventure TV. It is passive while it is loading our choice. Then when input more of our choices; then we read and read, or we start again. Maintaining a "polite" distance, at least in a literary sense, from the internet, is almost impossible. I give Miller an "A" for effort though.

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