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August 31, 2011


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James Foster

We are, as an energy source,
easily renewable and completely
recyclable, the dead liquified and
fed intravenously to the living.


Soylent green is people! (someone had to say it) Also, check out the novel "The Seven Madmen" by the early 20th c. Argentine writer Roberto Arlt (some intended corpse liquification in there, as well as lots of general Dostoevskyian goodness). You'd like him, I'm almost sure.

Bryan Alexander

Excellent catch, James.
I like the way the movie opposes that wet image to the battery one (coppertop).

Bryan Alexander

That's a new one to me, Yago. I'll hunt one down - thanks!

Bryan Alexander

Received in email:
"Basically, a race between drowning in a mildly caustic solution and
pressure, as the mechanical pressurization is probably fast enough to be
noticed while drowning and much faster than the heat coils would warm the
volume of the tank up - a person would probably not have time to notice a
heat change before drowning. Presuming a partly-filled tank, the
pressurization would kill before the temperature would be noticed. Also,
unlike a crematorium (thanks to James Bond pointing it out for us) there
would be no flames, so no light, so a pitchblack tank with caustic liquid
and probably toxic fumes (if the tank is not filled), and rapid pressure
spikes. Unfun."

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