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August 08, 2011


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Andy Havens

It's just badly done. Anybody who has read any sci-fi can point out about a dozen just silly, stupid, lazy problems with this as an apocalyptic scenario.

More likely, if we gave up on supporting the humanities in the US, within a generation we'd be importing even more of our culture and entertainment from other countries. Which isn't a bad idea. But "the humanities" within academia isn't anywhere near as hardwired to most people's behavior as this rant would lead us to believe. How many people do you know (outside of your gig, Bryan), who make entertainment, reading, theater or musical decisions with an eye to a review of the academic canon?

Nope. Some of my non-library-world friends read a couple books (other than Clancy, Harry and King) back in college and took the minimum sociology or philosophy gut class. The rest of us all just like TV ;-)

Bryan Alexander

Well said, Andy.

Anyone who has read sf: I wonder how far that goes in the humanities these days. I almost never heard anyone mention sf in grad school (English), and barely as a lit prof.

Agreed about the lack of connection between academic humanities and, ah, the rest of the world.

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