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March 30, 2012


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Tiomoid Of Angle

Any list that doesn't include Saberhagen's AN OLD FRIEND OF THE FAMILY is seriously defective.

jason nolan

Totally agree. the dracula tape is superior to Suzie McKee Charnas. Rice may not be able to write, but she's done more to think about the concept of a vampire than Quinn's better written but under theorized work.

Also, the point is the best vampire novel vs the best novel with vampires in it, right?


The Vampire Tapestry was the first one that sprang to mind for me as well. Saberhagen should be on the list, but I'd nominate The Dracula Tape over An Old Friend of the Family. I also thought Barbara Hambly's Those Who Hunt The Night was a decent vampire tale and an excellent period piece. The thread combining these is that none of them are really horror stories.

Steven Kaye

The winner was I Am Legend,, for those who were wondering. Richard Matheson's health was too poor to allow for travel, but he recorded a video message.

Michael Talbot's A Delicate Dependency was an influence on the Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game. And while I'm not crazy about the novel, Dan Simmons' Carrion Comfort was a fine novella.

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