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March 28, 2013


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When I click on the Huffington Post link, the ads and teasers include the following:

A Hyatt ad focusing on how their shampoo's better now.
A Hyatt ad focusing on how their menu is less fatty now.
A headline for a story called "The worst diet mistakes for hair and nails."
A headline for a story called "The physiology of a smile."
An ad for an online dentist search tool, headlined "Take care of your smile."
A headline about the winner of the show "Biggest Loser", and her 121 pound weight loss
A headline for the story "Avoid these 6 snacking mistakes."
A headline for the story "Brooke Burke-Charvet's healthy living secrets."
A headline for the story "What is processed food doing to you?"
An ad for "1 key fat loss hormone"
An ad for "Top story: Frenzy over new diet pill."
An ad for "Woman is 53 but looks 25."

(Disclosure: this is a selected list. Further, it's a list from the "Healthy Living" section, although I submit that's a telling place for a puff piece on a movie.)

I'd like to suggest a new tag line: The Huffington Post: Don't let the Internet make you feel bad; we've got that covered.


Does this mean she is planning on creating a print edition of the Huffington Post? After all, Huff Post is an entirely digital business, and the only way people can access it is through technology.

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