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July 18, 2014


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Although, it looks like Pravda isn't ruling out all conspiracy theories.

"Forensic experts will undoubtedly be able to establish the time of the death of the passengers and the pilots of the Boeing. However, the fact that their passports that were collected from the ground after the crash turned out to be clean, as if they just came from the press, can not but raise eyebrows. "


FTA: "Second, a large quantity of medication, including blood serum and so forth, was found in the airplane, which is not characteristic of a regular airliner. It looks like there was some kind of special medical cargo on board."

Is it possible that this 'special medical cargo' was due to the confirmed fact that there were ~100 AIDS researchers on the plane, on their way to an AIDS conference?

Bryan Alexander

Great catch, Todd.

Good point, Angelle. I wonder how many Donetskii know about that.

Tom Haymes

It's an attempt at biological warfare. The 21st Century equivalent of flinging a diseased cow over the castle wall. I knew it. Now Russians will start dying from a generically altered disease. Wait, that was Chernobyl. Never mind. :-)

Bryan Alexander

But who sent it, eh?

Tom Haymes

The Mongols.

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