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October 22, 2014


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Laird Barron - The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

Bryan Alexander

Oh, what a splendid book. I was grooving on it until the Ligotti parody/tribute, which made my head explode.


I've heard Barron's books fit together nicely as a collection of related narratives. I've only read the collection above, so I'm really looking forward to jumping into more.

This question is difficult. I thought I'd have a lot to post here, but the text above really is the most enjoyable thing I've read from the last 5 years. NOS4A2 maybe? How is it possible I'm not reading much new horror? THAT is horrifying.

Bryan Alexander

That's a neat way of approaching Barron's short stories, Ternary. Many share similar settings and themes. Hmmm.

I started NOS4A2, which was engaging. Maybe I should return to it.

And thanks.

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