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August 06, 2015


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Audrey's Door? Really? The Missing and The Keeper were fantastic, but Audrey's Door was apartment horror (the creepy old people of Rosemary's Baby inhabiting the building from The Sentinel) with a protagonist no one could root for because she serially screws up her life and damages her relationships and then feels sorry for herself for having a screwed up life and damaged relationships. Strike that one from the list.

Bryan Alexander

I haven't read any Langan. Where should one start, The Missing?


I started with The Missing by accident, not realizing it is a sort of sequel to The Keeper. One could start with The Keeper for the obvious reason that it is the first book.

Getting it backward didn't diminish my enjoyment of either novel, though. There is a connection between the two novels but The Keeper has its own resolution and The Missing is not a direct continuation of the story of the first book. You don't need to know what happened in The Keeper to enjoy The Missing. Further, when I went back and read The Keeper, knowing broadly what would happen to its faltering industrial town introduced an element of dramatic irony that otherwise would not have been there.

Bryan Alexander

The Keeper sounds good to me. Thank you.

What about the rest of the list, any standouts?


The Terror by Dan Simmons was harrowing and excellent, especially if you enjoy historical fiction as well as horror. It offers an account of the lost Franklin expedition's final, fatal icebound months as the men struggle against forces natural and supernatural.

Not one of my favorite books, but Creepers by David Morrell is worth a read. It's quick and compelling. It definitely put me off of urban exploration though - I'll stick to perusing photographs of our crumbling built environment here at Infocult.

Bryan Alexander

Agreed on The Terror. I kept wanting to read parts aloud to fellow air travelers.

I'll keep helping with your safe fears.

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