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January 27, 2006


Nick Noakes

Hi Bryan. I hope you will podcast this too!


I've got an Edirol R-1 going. I hope its battery holds out longer than my laptop's--15 min. and counting.


Thanks, Nick, for the thought. And thank you for the recording, Gardner - how'd it go?

Jon Breitenbucher


I am curious about how the crypto stuff fits in to ARG. I teach a crypto class on an every other year basis and have had the students code all of the classic crypto systems with Maple or other programming languages. It would be nice to expand those projects to include game components if possible.

Jamie Gautreaux

I love this page, and I've been operating my own ARG-player resource site for a bit over a year now.
Are you the type that likes to cross-link, join projects, or further the genre in any way?
It's becoming less and less often these days I've seen people actually give the initiative to form resources..

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